Recruitment of the right online professionals starts with understanding the drive in the organisation. Why is an organization successful and what type of people are working in the organisation or are required? This is exactly how I experienced I-Scout (Marijke and Irma). Through an open cooperation and a direct communication style and continuous fine tuning through clear feedback, we have achieved a perfect end result. Besides the knowledge of the online playing field the selection on human motivations proved to be crucial.

- Paul van Breugel / VP Global Marketing Travix International

"Thanks to I-Scout I was able to take the next step in my career, which I am very thankful for. Due to their involvement, their ability to put themselves in my shoes and their detailed knowledge of the industry, they were able to find a perfect match. I have already recommended I-Scout within my own network and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!"

- Claire Hulsebosch -

Dedicated, patient and targeted, that is the way I-Scout is looking for talented professionals for Maxlead. They have succeeded in doing so various time already. I-Scout acquires knowledges about the culture of the client, they are looking behind the resumes and they are scouting candidates that are a real fit to Maxlead. A collaboration with I-Scout is making a team effort of recruitment.

- Erik Jan Reijenga - Director of Operations - Maxlead

I have experiencienced the cooperation with I-Scout as nice, professional and honest. The main reason for GroupM/MEC to choose I-Scout as recruitment partner is their substantive expertise and their knowledge about digital/performance marketing. Furthermore we experience that they are really acting as a partner towards our organization. I-Scout is thinking together with us on the recruitment proces and the job descriptions. When something is not possible they will communicate about that and they come up with an alternative.

- Eline de Ruig - HR advisor Group M -

“Instead of being treated as a number, I-Scout treated me as a person. They took a personal approach and listened to my needs, matching my profile, knowledge, skills, and ambitions to the right vacancy”.

- Stefan van der Klooster -

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